Personal Loans for Blacklisted People

Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit SA
Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit SA
May 9, 2017
Online loans for blacklisted people
Online Loans for Blacklisted People
June 7, 2017
Personal Loans for Blacklisted People

You may not believe it, but people that have bad credit or are blacklisted can now obtain approval for a personal loan of up to R150 000 within a few hours. Banks can be difficult to deal with, especially for someone who has been blacklisted wants to apply for a loan.

Our company understands the financial situation many people find themselves in and that is why we offer personal loans for blacklisted people in South Africa.

There is no need to worry, just because you’ve been blacklisted doesn’t mean you are automatically disqualified from getting a loan. You can apply for a personal loan and still get approved to borrow the money you need.

By getting a personal loan you can cover your living expenses in an emergency, pay an outstanding debt that has been bothering you and/or to allow yourself some well-deserved financial freedom for a change. Obtaining a personal loan is a huge step towards regaining control over your finances.

Fortunately, Cube Finance offers personal loans for blacklisted people in South Africa, which makes this a definite possibility for you.


The cost of living in South Africa seems to be going up on a daily basis, catching many off guard and behind in their bills. This can easily land them on the Credit Bureau’s list of blacklisted people. If your budget is squeezed to the limit and an unexpected need pops up and you don’t have the money, like car repairs or emergency medical expenses, who can you turn to for help if you find that you’ve been blacklisted?

These days, there are a lot of people in South Africa with bad credit and most believe there is no way they could ever qualify for a loan. If they checked, they’d find that this is certainly not always the case. A traditional bank or financial institution may turn your loan application down, but there are other places where it is possible for you to get a loan.

You may find it hard to qualify for certain types of loans, but Cube Finance is more than capable of finding you the loan you need.

All it takes is 3 simple steps for blacklisted people to gain loan approval within a few hours. Submit your blacklisted loan application now and get the funds you need deposited into your account as soon as possible.
Documentation Required

Once you’ve applied for your blacklisted loan you must provide the following documents:

  • Valid current South African passport or green ID with bar code
  • Proof of employment going back at least 6 months
  • If you are being paid monthly, your last payslip. If you are being paid fortnightly, you need to provide two payslips
  • Bank statements going back 3 months

Required Qualifications

  • You must be 18 years of age and no older than 65
  • Possess an active bank account in your name for the last 3 months


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