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My Loan Lenders

Due to extremely vast choices of Credit Providers in the money-lending industry today, it is not always an easy task in choosing a suitable and legitimate creditor.

Consumers simply do not have the time and energy to explore and investigate these financial institutions, nor do they have the time to submit applications to even just a few.

As a complimentary free service, Cube Finance has taken this task upon ourselves to relieve our members from this time-consuming process and even get results faster and with much less effort.

By providing us with your personal information we can simultaneously apply to numerous money-lenders on your behalf.

Our consumers will even have the opportunity to choose the best suitable credit agreement.
Please take note that we have no authority in the decision-making process. The outcome, loan amount, interest rate and other administration fees are strictly the discretion of the credit provider.


Fast and easy access to multiple credit providers
No paperwork
Same day response

My Credit Report

Your Credit Score is not a guarantee that lenders will or won’t give you credit, but it can help you to manage and understand how the information on your credit report influence lenders’ decisions.

A higher score usually means that lenders are more likely to offer you credit, because they believe there is a lower risk that you won’t be able to repay it. Credit providers have access to your credit behaviour for up to 24 months.

It is very important to keep track of the information provided because it could be that there are listings or information which could be eliminated to increase your score.


Be in control of your portfolio
Manage and amend unnecessary information
Keep track of amendments to increase your score

My Financial Wellness

This benefit consists of free telephonic or electronic consultations should you experience financial difficulty. Our partners are accredited counsellors and specializes in analysing your credit portfolio to establish the best way forward by suggesting various products.

What separates us from similar companies in our industry, is that we, and all our partners are established boutique family businesses where personal relationships are our speciality.

You will never be just a number or get lost in the system.

So please take the first step and join our family, so you can also benefit from financial and overall well-being.


Help you take control of your finances
Get professional and legal guidance in improving your credit record
Have access to legal support when facing legal action