Terms of Service

1.1 Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Cube Finance. The following Terms of Use constitute an agreement between you ‘consumer ‘and Cube Finance, which may be referred to throughout this document as ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘site’ or ‘website’.
1.2 (“Cube Finance,” “us” or “we”) and our services are made available through the website on
1.3 which a link to these Terms of Use is displayed. The following Terms of Use are a legally binding contract between you and Cube Finance regarding your use of the Service.The terms of service shall apply should you enter into an agreement with Cube Finance for the purchase of a financial consultation with a debt counsellor referred to in clause 4.
1.4 Please read the following terms of use ("Terms") carefully before accessing or using any of the Service. Each time you access or use the Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms.
1.5 If you do not agree to be bound by all of these Terms, you may not access or use the Service. In addition, certain areas of the Service may be subject to additional terms of use that we make available for your review (e.g., End User License Agreements etc.)
1.6 By using such areas, or any part thereof, you are expressly indicating that you have read and agree to be bound by the additional terms of use applicable to such areas.
1.7 In the event that any of the additional terms of use governing such area conflict with these Terms, the additional terms will control. These Terms provide that all disputes between you and Cube Finance will be resolved by BINDING MEDIATOR. YOU AGREE TO GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO GO TO COURT to assert or defend your rights under this contract (except for matters that may be taken to small claims court). Your rights will be determined by a NEUTRAL MEDIATOR and NOT A JUDGE.

2.1 You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to use the Service. By agreeing to the Terms, you represent and warrant to us:
(i)that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age,(ii)that you have not previously been suspended or removed from the Service, and(iii)that your registration and your use of the Service are in compliance with any and all applicablelaws and regulations.

3. Accounts and Registration
3.1 To access use of the Service you are required to register an account. When you register an account, you are required to provide us with some information about yourself (such as your email address or other contact information).
3.2 You agree that the information you provide to us is and will be accurate and up-to-date at all times. After registration, you will solely be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account.
3.3 You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account. If you have reason to believe that your account is no longer secure, then you agree to immediately notify us at info@cubefinance.co.za.

4.Product Overview
4.1 Cube Finance and Partners offer expert assistance when experiencing financial difficulty. Cube Finance is not an agent nor a representative of any service provider.
4.1.1 Our Service consists of:
• a free loan finding service.
• A telephonic or electronic consultation with a NCR registered Debt Counsellor.
• a credit report supplied by XDS credit bureau included in the consultation with the Debt Counsellor.

5 Term / Duration
5.1 Cube Finance’s Financial consultation is a once off service valid for 12 (twelve) months.
5.2 Inception of the 12 (twelve) month period will commence from the date of application and expires 12 (twelve months later).

6. Costs of Services
6.1 For these services, the once-off fee of R78 will be deducted from the nominated bank account provided by you and on the salary date nominated by yourself. If the transaction is successful, the service mandate will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you. We will deduct this fee directly from your bank account with the account details you have provided, using a direct debit system, on or around your salary date or when funds are available. If the debit order was unsuccessful, the consumer agrees that more efforts may be made to settle the outstanding fee for up to 12 months.
6.2 By agreeing to the terms of Cube Finance, the consumer gives Cube Finance permission to debit the amount referred to in 6.1 from the consumer’s bank account as provided on the electronic application form. The consumer mandates Cube Finance to setup a Naedo/EFT debit order, using the banking details as stated on the application form, on the consumer’s next salary date or when funds are available
6.3 Sure Transact will debit the account on behalf of Cube Finance. A Naedo tracker may be placed on the consumer’s account in the event there are insufficient funds in the banking account provided. The loan-finding service is offered to you upfront as there are no costs involved. The consultation with a registered debt counselor, becomes active with the first successful instalment.

7. Cooling-off period
7.1 The applicant is entitled to cancel the agreement within 5 (five) days after the date of the conclusion without reason and without penalty.
7.2 This cancellation must be done in a recordable manner by e-mail: info@cubefinance.co.za within the prescribed period as aforementioned.
7.3 Please note that this agreement is binding for twelve months. The applicant is entitled to cancel the agreement within 5 (five) days after the date of the conclusion without reason and without penalty
7.4 In the event of cancellation of this agreement by the applicant after the cooling-off period has commenced, you will be held liable for the remaining contract value. A refund will be administered by us if your account was debited within the cooling-off period or if we failed to cancel your subscription due to technical difficulty.

8. Loan Finding Service
8.1 Cube Finance provides a platform for users to apply for personal loans. We are not offering advice advising users on specific products, services or providers. You understand that the loan finding service is free and has no association with the consultation.
8.2 The consumer gives us permission to submit personal details as per the online application form to various Credit Providers to find him/her a loan and to a registered debt counsellor to contact the consumer. Cube Finance employees do not provide financial advice as you will deal with the financial institutes directly.
8.3 The consumer understands and agrees that since we are not a lender, Cube Finance does not issue any of the loan products or services offered on this website.
8.4 We do not decide whether you are approved for the loan and we have no influence over the amount of credit you may be offered.
8.5 We do not assume any responsibility or obligation for the offers that are made to you via the use of this website.
8.6 The consumer understands that it is required that the consultation service must be purchased to enjoy the benefit of the free loan finding service.

9. Applications
9.1 The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 Section 12 of the ECTA gives data messages the same functional equivalent and legal validity as written documents if they are:
a. in the form of a data message; and
b. accessible in a manner usable for subsequent reference.
9.2 Electronic contracts can therefore be concluded via data messages if they are generated, sent,received or stored by electronic means which includes:
a. voice, where the voice is used in an automated transaction; and
b. a stored record;
9.3 When applying by making use of the website: www.cubefinance.co.za the consumer will be required to confirm the procedure by making use of a “submit” button. By doing this, it confirms that the consumer has read and understood the procedures and the terms of service regarding the purchase of the
Consultation. By submitting the electronic application, it generates a digital legally binding and enforceable agreement between the consumer and Cube Finance. This application shall include a digital signature and/or date stamp of the applicant which confirms acceptance of the Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy which the consumer agrees to.
10. Credit Enquiry
10.1 The consumer authorizes Cube Finance to communicate personal identifying information to possible credit providers and registered credit bureaus relevant to an assessment of the consumer’s credit criteria and profile to determine which loan agreement might be available to the consumer.
10.2 Cube Finance is affiliated to XDS Credit Bureau, a registered credit bureau.
10.3 The XDS Presage score is a generic bureau scorecard which indicates the credit risk associated with a consumer by taking into consideration the consumer’s historical credit profile and repayment behaviour.

11. Client information
11.1 Cube Finance allows you to obtain a consultation with a NCR registered Debt Counsellor. Your contact with, or use of the Debt Counsellor contacted through the Service, may create a special relationship between you and the counsellor, but does not create any legal relationship between Cube Finance and you except under these Terms.
11.2 The Debt Counsellor provide information that Cube Finance does not verify, validate or confirm. Cube Finance does not endorse any Advisor and cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of any services provided by any counsellor.
11.3 Cube Finance cannot perform a check for conflicts of interest between you and a counsellor.
11.4 Your decision to make available any sensitive or confidential information to any Interactive Area or Advisor is your sole responsibility and at your sole risk.
11.5 Cube Finance has no control and makes no representations as to the use or disclosure of such information provided to third parties, including Advisors.

12. Information Security
12.1 Cube Finance is committed to protecting the documents and information stored on our Client Management System (“Client Records”).
12.2 Client Records are regarded as confidential and protected in accordance with our information security policies.
12.3 Cube Finance takes reasonable steps to maintain physical, environmental, technical and procedural safeguards to prevent confidential information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.
12.4 You are not permitted to access any functions or information that are not expressly authorized.
12.5 You are responsible for treating all Site content (including information obtained from the Site) as confidential and protecting the information available within the Site in accordance with all applicable laws, including data privacy and security laws.